Our preschool program offers both a half day (9:00am-11:30am) and a full day option so that families can choose what best fits their needs! Additionally, families can pick which days, and how many days they would like to attend. Our only requirement is that they attend at least two days each week.

Often, preschool is a child’s first experience in school. We work closely with parents to ensure a smooth transition for their child. Our preschool program introduces children to a more formal learning environment while offering them many hands on choices throughout the day. Our program recognizes the value of child-directed activities as well as teacher-directed activities, outside play, art, science, music and dramatic play. When planning small groups, teachers choose activities that facilitate cognitive language development.

If your child attends the half day program, the following will be part of their program:

  • Circle time
  • Learning centers 
  • Large motor (outdoors if possible!) 
  • Snack 
  • Story time

If your child will be staying for the whole day, they will be a part of all the half day activities and additionally:

  • Exploratory time 
  • Rest time 
  • Lunch and afternoon snack 
  • An additional large motor time 
  • Afternoon learning centers 

Daily communication, parent-teacher conferences, and student portfolios are all a part of our program as well! 

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